It turns out people want me afterall

I left my whitecollar job to “follow my dream” as they say as I was playing in a band and we were actually getting somewhere.

A big recession hit and things fell apart. I got pregnant just before the band disbanded.

Then just after my daughter was born I found out from somebody else that they had got back together without me! (Yes there were mutterings from various quarters about how fucked up that was – how did they expect to keep that one a secret?!)

I confronted the band leader and was told it was down to musical ability.

I knew this wasn’t the case because we’d been repeatedly told how good we were together and I’d also had a lot of positive comments about my contribution. Consistently.

There wasn’t much I could do about it though.

I gave up playing music for a long time after that but now the phone has been ringing quite a bit – turns out people want me as a side person after all.