As the law stands, from the point at which you have been subjected to any kind of workplace discrimination you have 3 months to take a case to Tribunal. For maternity discrimination, those 3 months usually come at a time when you are exhausted, lacking in confidence and knee-deep in baby poo. Making your lunch every day can feel like climbing Mount Everest; masterminding an Employment Tribunal would feel nigh-on impossible. Furthermore, taking on an Employment Tribunal is incredibly stressful. If you are discriminated against whilst you are pregnant, the stress can cause damage to your unborn baby (see here). For the many women who have ‘high risk’ pregnancies, the first thing your Doctor will advise is to avoid stressful situations. I have sadly heard countless stories of women being so acutely stressed due to discrimination at work, that they have gone into labour before they are full-term.

For these reasons, we believe there should be dispensation for women who are victims of pregnancy and maternity discrimination. Increasing the time limit to 12 months would mean that women could tackle an Employment Tribunal after they have had their baby and at a time when they are fully able to take on this challenge. Women should be able to log a complaint against an employer within 3 months but be given up to 12 months to deal with any legal proceedings. This should not only help relieve some of the stress, but is also likely to increase the number of cases that go to Tribunal acting as a further deterrent for employers to discriminate.

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Joeli, Pregnant Then Screwed founder

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