Looking back I wish that I had had the strength to take the company to tribunal

I was an Operations Management consultant, with a first degree in engineering and business studies and twelve years experience behind me. I had been working at the company for two years.
I had to have IVF, but was thankfully successful on the first attempt in 2000. While pregnant I planned and successfully carried out a trial period of working from home and it was agreed that it was totally practical and possible to work from home as the job was research (p.c.)-based and I had a full home office set-up (separate to the house). I went on maternity leave with the full intention of returning to work, part-time from home at the end of a six-month maternity leave. The company made no contact with me at all during my maternity leave. I made one visit to the office during that time.
It was arranged that my line manager would come to see me the week before my return to work, at home – to discuss my return to work. I was really shocked when my line manager said that basically they were expecting me to return to the office full-time, the following Monday as “the board don’t agree with working from home”. I had not looked into local childcare as my family were going to cover the part-time hours I was planning, but were not available to cover a full-time job. When I asked what I was supposed to do, the answer given was “I don’t know, find a nanny?”
I had to resign at that point as I had never planned to go back full-time – well, of course at some point but not in the short-term. I went on to have twins fours years later (also IVF) and the childcare costs then became too restrictive so I ended up with a seven year career break.
I have returned to work part-time, but in entry level administration roles, for the past seven years. I have been studying for an MBA and I am hoping that next year, when my youngest two go to high school that I can finally return to a full-time position.
Looking back I wish that I had had the strength to take the company to tribunal.