Made redundant 3 months into maternity leave

I worked as a tutor for a company who aim to support the long term unemployed back into work. While on maternity leave,  I received a call to say that there had been changes in funding and there was a need to make redundancies and I was one of those placed at risk. I challenged if this was right given that there were jobs still available that I could be placed into as the only change was the age group. The company said I would have to go through the application and interview process along with everyone else. The new Tutor roles were 6k less than my current salary and I was told this was not protected therefore to return on less money.  After countless emails back and forward I ended up feeling the only suitable option was to take the voluntary redundancy as the stress was just too much to deal with as my baby was only 3 months old at this time. I still feel awful at how badly I was treated during the whole process, alienated and made to feel worthless.  I’m now just concentrating on my baby and will find a new job when the time is right, luckily I have a very supportive husband.