Made redundant on the last day of my probationary period, just after I told them I was pregnant

Having miscarried twins in October ’16, I was delighted to fall pregnant again in January ’17.
I told my employer in a meeting at the beginning of March, and she was delighted for me. The following two weeks, something changed, then unexpectedly I was called into a meeting and told I was being made redundant with immediate effect. This happened to be the last day of my probationary period, and the “redundancy” so was that they could put the employee I replaced back into her position.
I’m currently in the process of taking them to employment tribunal, my barrister thinks I have a good case as there appears to be many failings on their part.
This has to be one of the most stressful situations I have been in, and has completely overtaken my much wanted and waited for pregnancy.