Made redundant whilst on maternity leave

I was made redundant while on maternity leave.They made a single mum of a premature baby jobless and no one seemed to think much of it. The organisation was a major one, where employees were normally treated well. The people at the top were female and yet it happened. As the redundancy was for ‘economic reasons’ there was nothing I could do. The Union were useless – totally useless. No one tried to find me alternative work; nothing. Women have babies and then it is just normal to discard them, just like that. Others in my department – males – were found other jobs within the organisation.

I did not worry so much at the time, after all i thought with all my senior manager experience I would have been fine. How little I knew. I applied for dozens of jobs over 2.5 years. I didn’t get interviews for jobs that previously I would have been head hunted for. When I did get interviews I was asked illegal questions such as: ‘how can you travel if you have a kid?’. I saw people – normally younger women or men – getting jobs with a quarter of my experience. I eventually found a good position which I enjoy and allows me to be a mum as well as a professional, but it’s only part time and i earn what I used to earn 15 years ago. yes 15 years ago. I am not bitter and I am happy, however I feel something needs to be done, to help the next generation of women.