Made redundant whilst on maternity

Kept in touch with my employer throughout my 12 months Maternity leave, had verbal conversations about returning part time, until near to the end of my Mat leave when I was notified my part time request was refused. A week after my Mat leave ended I was told my position was being made redundant but I could apply for another job role which was a demotion and less money and would be up against other staff for the position. I honestly think they thought I would refuse this option and walk away and they wouldn’t have to go through a whole redundancy process with other staff involved.
After feeling pressured to make a decision I said I would apply for the job (they didn’t even want to tell me hours or days it would involve) They made it sound so unappealing but I wasn’t going to be pushed out!
After a week or so (I was on accrued holidays while thus was all going on) I was told the business had ceased trading and not to bother going back after my leave had ended.
I was then told by my employer the business was still open but everyone was on a self employed basis. How could I prove any different?!?! They managed to what I feel “get me out”
I’m seeking legal advice at the moment.