More chance of the proverbial surviving hell than this appearing on your website

there is another story from some of the 600,000 dracula-employers who have been sucking the blood of hapless pregnant women and their embryos over the last ten years (where do you get those Mickey Mouse figures?)

Horror of horrors – I’m a male, white,  dentist. Our little horror was our  21 year receptionist, we were about to sack for a series of gross negligence incidents involving contamination of sterile material, fire risks and rudeness to our patients. When she saw the writing on the wall  (three disciplinaries), she sped up her pregnancy plans, and secure in the thought “nothing can touch me now I’m pregnant” she carried on with her casual, hazardous ways.

Throughout her pregnancy, and against our better judgement, our reaction to her misbehaviour was rather flat as our legal adviser had sat on it, often taking health risk for our patients by bending over backwards to accommodate her.

When we reminded her gently that her performance had deteriorated further and asked her if there was anything we could do to help, she put forward as an excuse  (wait for it) her pregnancy! Apparently, she had contacted mumsnet and she was advised to use the  “pregnancy, mitigation for poor performance” line, or, how to eat your pudding and have it.

I’m glad therefore Joeli to see that some employers have more guts than we had (to the great delight of our female staff, she was eventually dismissed six months after delivery).

More chance of the proverbial surviving hell than this appearing  in your website – hence a copy to SKY NEWS idiots you managed to mesmerise.