My career was looking very promising up until this point

I have two beautiful little boys and I have been discriminated against both times and both have been international, well known organisations who should know better! First time around I was demoted because I wanted to return part time, I guess I was naïve, so accepted the position but after 6 months I was made redundant! I had to sign an in depth contract to confirm that I wouldn’t take the company to court! Second time around the treatment towards me changed completely after I’d notified management of my pregnancy. My career was looking very promising up until this point. I wasn’t allowed to attend training that I had previously, I wasn’t entitled to a company laptop after being promised one prior to my pregnancy being common knowledge, I didn’t so much as receive a congratulations card after the birth of my son! This is a few examples. Three months into my precious maternity leave I was offered a settlement to walk away! I wasn’t so naïve this time and thankfully I was a member of a union, so I was offered a much larger sum to walk away and to keep quiet after threatening to file a sex discrimination case against the company. I am now left unemployed with two children. I’ve suffered depression due to this and received counselling. I urge all pregnant ladies to join a union, better to be safe than sorry!