My manager did everything in her power to make it difficult for me to return

I work in a shoe shop, I was an acting team leader with promise of promotion before I told them I was pregnant. My manager and colleagues didn’t even give me a congratulations card, nor did I get any support whilst my son was very ill in hospital. I extended my maternity leave due to his ill health, yet when it was time for me to return to work my manager did everything in her power to prolong it and make it difficult to return to my post. I refused to give up the fight even after her saying “we won’t miss you so just leave now”

I’ve been back at work a year, and in that time she’s made my life a living hell. I only work part time, but I literally dread going to work, I’m given no opportunities, I’m not treated fairly and I’m not invited to any work dos apparently because “you have a baby you probably won’t want to come” what a stupid assumption.

After two years I’m giving in and searching for a new job, but it’s not fair I’m being bullied out of a job I love.