My manager discussed nothing with me

Managed by Americans has meant that I haven’t had any support whilst pregnant. I was forced to reveal my pregnancy news earlier than I had wished to, as well as take Maternity Leave a month earlier than I wanted, just to look after my health and my baby’s health. I am an Office Manager with no support and expected to do all the heavy lifting of parcels and deliveries, tidying and furniture arranging within the office. When a ‘risk assessment’ form was sent my way to be filled in, I did point out all of these risks. Nothing was done to help eliminate these potentially dangerous tasks within the work place and I spent most of my days asking others in the office to help me with tasks that had nothing to do with their jobs within the company.

I had not had any involvement in the hiring of my cover, and was never involved in any discussion or news in which should have told me that I was being demoted to Office Coordinator, and a new permanent Office Manager was hired for me to report to upon my return from Maternity Leave. My American manager discussed nothing with me, but left an HR Assistant based in the UK (the only HR representative of the company for the UK) to arrange Maternity leaving dates. Still to this date, I have had no correspondence from my US based Manager (I have been away on Leave for sometime now)