not how I expected to be treated by a big, global, financial organization

Whilst working for a large Banking Corporation, for which I had worked for 20+ years, on return from my first maternity leave, I found that as my jobs had been distributed across the department whilst I was on maternity leave – that when I came back after 9 months off – I didn’t actually have a ‘role’ to come back to.

By the time I was pregnant 18 months later, I had a new manager. On hearing of my expectancy, her first words to me were ‘ you’re going to cause me a lot of paperwork!’. She then proceeded to subtly discriminate me throughout my pregnancy – even referring me to OH for having too much time off. When in the OH meeting (which was over the phone) – when I explained to them that I was ,by this time, 8 months pregnant, they dismissed it straight away. Even so, the thought of having to be put through this caused a lot of stress and unhappiness.

On leaving the company for my second maternity leave, I put all this to my manager who quite politely advised she ‘could not remember being like that’.

Whilst on maternity leave for the second time, I was also contacted by the senior management to advise that I (along with the entire building) were now in a redundancy situation due to the offices moving to Birmingham!

Not exactly what you want to hear whilst you are off with a new baby – and not how I expected to be treated by a big, global, financial organization!