On the run up to the wedding, my manager become obsessed with me becoming pregnant

I had been working for this company for about 18 months, which was full of women in their early 20’s and the owner liked us to “look 5 star”, when I got married. On the run up to the wedding, my manager become obsessed with me becoming pregnant (I was in line for a promotion and I am convinced she didn’t want to promote me if I was going to go on maternity leave). At another employees wedding, age outright asked my husband when we would be having kids and publicly stated that “kids ruin your career”, despite having two of her own. She was a bully, and took every opportunity to hilumiliate me anyway, announcing to the office one day that I couldn’t be pregnant because I had just had my period.

Anyway, I was given the promotion on a 6 month unpaid probation. A couple of months in, I fell pregnant and I knew what was coming. They pretended it didn’t matter until I had worked the full 6 months, during this time I discovered that a member of my team had been on a higher bonus than me the entire time. At the end of the ‘probation’ she took me aside and explained that the business had changed and that team didn’t exist anymore, therefore, the promotion didn’t exist. And due to the company falling on hard times they didn’t have the money to financially compensate me for my hard work.

Sick of the additional pressure I was being put under, I then asked to be swapped on to another team, typing and doing admin as they were on the same wage as me. My boss gladly obliged, swapping me with a woman from that team. I found out 2 weeks later that she had given the woman I had swapped with a promotion and a pay rise with immediate effect.

The whole experience has completely broken me. I apportion a lot of blame for my subsequent PND to this total screw over and have major self esteem issues. I contacted ACAS at the time, but they said I would have to prove that another person was given the wage rise and promotion by asking outright, which just wasn’t something I could face at the time