Our line manager had informed them all in a team brief that after my return to work I would be covering a different region

Ever since I graduated from Uni I’ve worked in roles where I could use my German language skills which I’d started learning at the age of 13.
In my last job, I worked as an Internal Account Manager (IAM) covering the German speaking territories (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and we had Customer Service agents (CS) to support us.
I’d been working at this company for over 4 years, building up many accounts from scratch and forming extremely good relationships with my customers which in turn generated more business.
When I informed my line manager (female) of my pregnancy, I suggested to her that we should train up my CS agent to be my cover, as she already knew all of my customers. I showed my CS agent everything I knew, holding nothing back, and even suggested a role swap in the last 2 months before I left on ML so that she would have experience of doing my job whilst I was still there to support her. My dad said I was naive and shouldn’t do that, but I wanted what was best for my customers whilst I was away, as I planned to take the full year off work.
During ML I kept in touch with some friends who are also IAMs. One of them texted me one day to say that our line manager had informed them all in a team brief that after my return to work (this was in Sept and I was due to return to work in Jan) I would be covering a different region (where there would be very limited need for my German language skills) and that my CS agent would take over my region permanently. She wondered if I knew??
I didn’t know and was fuming and requested an immediate meeting with my line manager who proceeded to explain to me that there was some re-structuring in the team and with my experience I was better suited to this new region. She had no answer as to why I wasn’t consulted about this first and when I requested my old job back she said that it “technically doesn’t exist anymore”… Erm, so what’s the job that my CS agent is doing then?!?
I followed this meeting up with a very strongly worded email to my line manager, her manager (Global Sales Director), European Sales Manager and our HR director, requesting an explanation. To give them their due, they invited me in and explained the new structure of the team to me and told me again why I was better suited, blah blah blah. I reiterated that I wanted my old region back explaining that If I’d wanted a job which didn’t require the use of German then I wouldn’t have applied for this job over 5 years ago! They said they would consider this and would make a formal announcement in Jan when I returned to work full time.
Since they couldn’t commit I decided such a company didn’t deserve my loyalty and that same weekend posted my CV onto Monster and started searching for a new job.
Luckily for me, I found a new job (much better pay plus company car!) pretty quickly and once I had received the formal offer letter from them, I went in to hand my notice in to my old company during one of my KIP days.
The best thing for me was that the CS agent they’d “replaced” me with had also handed her notice in the week before me… So they were left with no German speakers for a few months.
I found this to be justice for the way I’d been treated.
just wanted to share this to show that sometimes the grass is greener elsewhere! 😊