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They made all the pregnant women redundant

I was on maternity leave when my company was acquired by a larger company. They laid off 30% of the employees. The lay offs came the day I returned from maternity leave. Included in the lay-offs was every woman who was pregnant, and me (the one who just returned) 5 woman in total. Then 6

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Mother = quitter. That’s the mind set of the arts.

I had M smack in the middle of my postgrad at RAM. They made minimal effort to help me out let alone the huge amount of stupid comments I received “oh that’s a shame”, “what a wasted postgraduate” etc. Seriously. I only found out they had a counselling service after I had left – they

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It was going to cost me £10 a day to go to work

Pregnant at 40 after years of fertility treatment (not supported by my work. I always had to take annual leave even for appointments with my doctor) Working in the criminal justice system with organisation who advertise themselves as “family friendly”. On returning to work applied for part time work (during my maternity leave, my office

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