Presumably our ‘baby brains’ had left us too withered and useless

The company I was working for went into administration a month after I and another colleague came back from mat leave (we both came back part time). It was a pre-packed deal, with elements of the organisation taken over by a bigger company. It was a done deal, with negotiations happening for several weeks, and by the time it came, we knew everyone was to be moved across to the new company. Except, as it turned out, the two of us who had come back from mat leave. The day the company actually went under, everyone got an email from the new company MD saying they were to go to the new offices the following Monday. Except for two of us, who received no such email. It was mortifying. We were both well-respected, senior members of the team, with years of experience, and yet because we’d had a baby, and dared to return part time, we weren’t even worth considering – or even speaking to, to see if there was any flexibility. Presumably our ‘baby brains’ had left us too withered and useless. (!) It was devastating, and although I’d heard of such discrimination, I couldn’t actually believe it was so overt.