After my second baby, It was as if I was invisible

Little did I know that I was at the top of my career before I went on my first maternity leave. I was a team lead for a busy I.T project team. I took 9 months off and received a promotion while I was off due to the achievements I’d made in the role. The project ended while I was on leave so I had to be placed in a new role. Upon my return to work I was placed in a team where I had to cover some of the team leads tasks while she was temporarily reassigned. I was in return bullied by this team lead and when I asked our manager to be moved due to this I was told I had to stay where I was. This team lead tasked me with training up another person in some of my tasks and a new lead role was created for her. I was promised a move to a new area when another Manager asked for me to be transferred to them. It was finally agreed. While on my second maternity leave I was told by HR that the move would not now be happening due to a mistake in their resource plan. I returned to work without a lead position. Interviews took place a month after I returned to work. I applied and surprise surprise was the only one interviewing for a certain position that didn’t get a promotion or even a rotational opportunity! Even though I suffered bad morning sickness during both pregnancies I didn’t take any days off and I worked twice as hard, to ensure it wasn’t seen that the pregnancy was effecting me. It makes you question why you put yourself through work every day when you are just treated like you are invisible.