she would only say these things when we were in a one on one situation

I found out I was pregnant which was quite a shock to the system as it wasn’t planned at all. Just before this I had been promoted within my department and was excited about the challenges ahead.

Once I announced I was pregnant my manager completely changed from acting as a friend to a rather unfriendly character.

She would take me into the meeting room under the pretence of catch up meetings… And would just simply try to push me out of my job. She said things like:

I know you hate your job and you make working life in the department really hard for me

Would ask how much my salary was then telling me I earn too much for what I do

Telling me to quit to get a new job whilst I still can

Things like she could see things and knew what was going on behind her back etc

That I only got my job because my manager before her had a type, because of my looks and nothing else!

Once on maternity she completely demoted me, offering my role to her best friend including a pay rise and company car. She also said at my return to work meeting that if I could quit she could keep my maternity cover person and that would make the department far happier.

Safe to say I felt bullied by her as she would only say these things when we were in a one on one situation. It’s made me really question my ability to do my career choice which before now I was quite self assured in and thought I was pretty darn good at. It’s knocked my confidence and really challenged me these last few months.

Onwards and upwards though.