Surprise was expressed about my expectation to return.

While I was on maternity leave for my second child, I found out by accident through a friend that there had been a major re-org. When i called to arrange my keeping in touch days, surprise was expressed about my expectation to return. I was told that whilst still technically employed by the company, I did not have an actual role to return to. What followed was a farcical negotiation to put me in a new role, with less pay, less flexibility (both than I had had before, or indeed the rest of that team had)  and a more junior position. I went back to work making a nearly £200per month loss on the grounds that it would put me in a better position to find a new job, but the two people I worked for are awful human beings and dreadful at their jobs. The year that I worked in that position was one of the worst of my life, and I am forever grateful that I managed to get noticed and pulled into a better job in a new department. Sadly I still have to interact with those people, who still treat me with distain and little to no respect. I am perpetually ashamed of the company I work for for their behaviour towards me. They constantly win accolades for being a good place to work, but that is only true if you are male.