That doesn’t sound like “a similar position”

My daughter wouldn’t post this, but I will.

She was working part-time – working a compressed four days into three – before she went on maternity leave. She took the full 52 weeks, which entitled her only to “a similar position” in the organisation, but while she was on maternity leave her employer reduced her four days’ pay to three-and-a-half, so that her weekly income was therefore going to be cut by 12% on her return. In addition, her old job had been given to the person who had previously been her assistant… and when she came back to work she was expected to answer to this person. That doesn’t sound like “a similar position”.

It hardly made my daughter feel valued in the organisation. When she was offered a fresh start in a different job shortly before the end of her maternity leave, she understandably jumped at the chance, even with a much-reduced salary.

She wants to draw a line under the whole business, and in any case feels there’s little she can do which wouldn’t cast a shadow over the rest of her career. In addition, the £1200 fee is an obscenity if the onus is on the claimant to prove that maternity/pregnancy is a factor: the onus should be on the employer to prove maternity was NOT a factor if the claimant has to pay. Employers don’t need double protection.

This project is a good forum for tales like these.