The actions of the company completely destroyed the life we had it and continues to impact.

I’d been seconded to a higher position and had an excellent annual review where I’d hit all my targets. Yet suddenly, 10 days after I told work I work I was pregnant, my manager pulled me in to a meeting where completely out of the blue I was told they weren’t satisfied with me. They gave me a time limit to improve, and a huge increase in project work (which was impossible to achieve as Id already been doing the job of two people for months and was fighting terrible nausea). I ended up having a breakdown and on stress leave. I placed a grievance against my boss and threatened tribunal. In reaction they decided to make my job redundant when I was 8mths pregnant. We settled out of court (as I was not in a good by then, very stressed and on anti depressants). The solicitor told me it was not an adequate offer but the company refused to budge. So I just had to accept the small amount in the end.

As a knock on effect of the payment I wasnt able to claim any benefit help and I couldn’t look for a new job at 8mths pregnant. We then weren’t able to keep up our house payments and had to give up the house and move 200miles away to live with husbands parents.

5yrs later we still haven’t made it back down south home as house prices have since rocketed. The actions of the company completely destroyed the life we had and continues to impact.