The bullying continued for a further two years until she retired

I started at a manufacturing firm as a PA (have to keep that vague as it’s very niche) following a round of redundancies I was asked to apply to another department and got promoted into a trading assistant role. I had a really good couple of years working hard and progressed quickly by being given great accounts. I felt like a respected member of the team who worked hard.

Having moved out of the original team where the supervisor was a notorious bully, I made it clear that I would like to stay in my current role with the accounts I had once I return from maternity leave. This was promised to me by my supervisor.

On return from maternity leave my nice supervisor had left and I was put back with the bullying supervisor. I had also been given my original accounts, which by all means were boring as hell and normally given to junior members of the team to help them learn the job.

When questioned as to why this was, I was told that they had no choice even though the person doing my accounts before I left for maternity leave was a temp.

The bullying continued for a further two years until she retired and two months later I went out on stress leave and had counselling for nearly three months to cope with how she’d made me feel.

HR were well aware of her behaviour and I had escalated the issue with her boss but nothing was ever done about it and I was made to feel like it was my problem rather than hers.

I’m due to go out on maternity leave with my 2nd baby in June and I am already nervous about my return to work in 2016.