The day I returned to work I was offered a package to leave

A couple of months after a fantastic annual review I got pregnant. This was supposed to feel wonderful; but it didn’t. My boss had known that I was trying and failing to conceive, however, as soon as I did actually get pregnant he had no time for me, made dismissive comments about just about everything I did and left me feeling excluded. After a highly successful career, I was in a Senior Leadership role and so despite my tiredness I decided toraise how inappropriate his change in behaviour towards me was and how unhappy it was making me feel.

He was uncharacteristically vitreolic, finding a host of things which had never been mentioned to grind about like they were genuine issues with me (they were not). There was no consideration for my “condition” as he verbally pounded me and by the time he packed it in, my emotion-wracked body was shaking, my heart was pounding and I found it hard to stand. That night I started to bleed.

I took the natural option with my misscarriage and took time off whilst it took its horrible course. The day I returned to work I was offered a package to leave, it was non-negotiable and roughly on parr with what a tribunal would have awarded.

I am now aproaching 40 and despite everything in my body screaming that we should be trying again, we can’t try for another baby until I find a new job. I am the main earner and we need my income to be able to live during a pregancy and save for a maternity leave. I am now ANGRY that I didn’t go to tribunal and expose them but we had just lost our first prayed-for pregancy and I was distraught, the thought of court was too far-fetched at the time …it isn’t now though and I feel utterly robbed.