The school had just employed 2 more members of staff 6 weeks before I went on maternity leave so I couldn’t understand how there wouldn’t be a job for me

As a primary school teacher with 2 children already i was working part time at my school (3 days a week in class job sharing) I had been doing this role for 3 years. After a change of heads, who did not like part time working or women really for that matter (although she was a female head) I got pregnant with my 3rd child. My Head teacher was not best pleased and made comment to others like “i’m only employing gay men” said tongue in cheek apparently (I was not there at the time) but the underlying message was very serious. During my pregnancy I remained in class until my last 6 weeks where I worked in a specialist unit as my job share partner left.
When on maternity leave 3 weeks before my baby was due I had a phone call saying I was being made redundant, I was shocked the school had just employed 2 more members of staff 6 weeks before I went on maternity leave so I couldn’t understand how there wouldn’t be a job for me. These teachers were on a temporary contract that I later found out she changed to permanent just after I went on maternity leave. I went in for a meeting with my union rep 2 weeks before my due date along with another colleague who was also on maternity leave, part time and being made redundant.
After my initial meeting the redundancy still stood, it was a horrible experience at a very emotional time for me, the next day my waters broke, 2 weeks ahead of my due date, I was very unprepared, my previous children had both been 5-7 days late!! I didn’t go into active labour and ended up being induced the following day. The day I had my 3rd baby I had a text from my head saying check your emails ASAP. I was in hospital having just given birth! Worse of all she was fully aware I had had my baby as her email started with congratulations! Although she denied knowing I’d had the baby!
I had a further meeting a few weeks later where I was going for unfair dismissal mainly based on discrimination on part time staff bearing in mind my head had employed 2 more teachers and I still had a year off work where other teachers could have resigned in that time, she couldn’t foresee that there wouldn’t be a job for me so far in advance. As it happens my NUT rep was confident I would win with all the evidence we had plus the stress it had caused, I was sure this was why I went into labour early. Before our final meeting I had a phone call from my head saying miraculously she had found me a role at the school. All this stress when I had a new born baby plus a 4 and 2 year old at home was for nothing.
As it happens I didn’t return to that School, I handed in my resignation, I couldn’t have worked there after everything that happened, how horrible and insensitive my head had been and the stress she had caused at such a emotional and precious time for me.
I left it too late to do anything else about it due to the 3 month rule, which I really feel should be increased! If I’d been in a better frame of mind I would have taken it further due to the undeserved stress put on me my baby and my family.
After working somewhere for 10 years there was just not loyalty.