There was no way my daughter could take on that debt.

My daughter qualified as a hairdresser with this salon in Newbury. She had been working with them for two years, both part-time and then full-time, when she qualified. She found out she was pregnant, feeling very sick, she explained to her boss the situation. Her boss asked her to leave immediately.

She was 20 years old and completely in shock. Although very upset, she agreed to go.

That was in the February of 2012, the baby wasn’t due until September. We decided to go to ACAS for help and guidance as advised by the Citizens Advice Bureau. After many phone calls with our local ACAS based in Bristol, and although they thought she had a strong case for compensation, they said the whole case would cost £5,000, and then the tribunal may decide that there was no case.

There was no way my daughter could take on that debt.

We were very angry at the way she had been treated! As it turned out, my daughter had severe pre-eclampsia in July and had to have an emergency cesarean 9 weeks early.

She was ill for months after, too ill to go through with a tribunal. She did not have the energy to make her case in a court, so it never went ahead. We never had time in the end.

We have always felt that the employer got away with it!

Too late now…