They are demoting me because I can’t be flexible

I work for a well known retail company and have been with them almost 15 years. I started as a general assistant and 3 years later became a supervisor. I will not be going back to my original hours because it’s not physically viable for me and my family, as my shifts change from a week to week basis. However, my contract is not a flexi contract but as a supervisor we are seen to be ‘flexible’. The company however have held my position open for me in case I can come back to those hours. They say if I can’t come back to my hours they will work with me but say because I will need fixed hours, I will no longer hold my position of supervisor and will now have to become a general assistant as they need me to be flexible in the supervisor role. My hourly rate won’t drop, they will freeze it until the minimum wage levels with it. But effectively they are demoting me in a roundabout way just because I can’t be flexible. Now that’s wrong!

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