They knew they were in the wrong by paying out

I was denied part time & flexible working on my return to work after maternity leave with my 3rd child, even though I had done flexible working / part time work previously with no detrimental effect, in fact with outstanding results.
No great surprises that my maternity cover was significantly cheaper than myself, even if I had been doing part time hours. Also a bit of a sycophantic ‘yes’ man! Funnily enough my appeal was not a fair hearing, more a vicious rant from a senior figure, who revealed himself to be entirely abhorrent in every possible way. The ‘HR’ lady was smilingly complicit (what is it with these women who are unable to empathise with other women? Power trip?)
Would love to reveal all, but like so many on here, I signed a compromise agreement. Wishing I hadn’t now and should have taken it all the way – but bullied into accepting that too for fear of losing a measly sum and not being able to pay the bills!
I feel a small sense of victory in the compromise agreement, they knew they were in the wrong by paying out.
But still fizzing with the unjustness of the whole affair, the stress caused, the fact that the last few months on maternity leave with my child were ruined, and the ill feeling it has clearly caused with ex colleagues who have been told god knows what, as they’ve not been in touch at all.
I welcome your campaign to raise awareness on maternity discrimination – charlatans and bullies who operate in this way to undermine and demean the confidence of women when they are vulnerable, just to line their own coffers, are appalling.
Oh, and these people have daughters of their own, I wonder how they would feel if they were treated in this way?
I’d like to think these people are feeling ashamed of their behaviour and the way I was dealt with, but, I doubt it!