They made me feel uncomfortable about accepting my maternity pay

I worked for a large health organisation and was on a fixed term contract.

My contract was renewed once and then I fell pregnant. My contract was not renewed again once it was discovered that I was pregnant. I was paid my maternity leave as they were legally obligated to do so. My supervisor told me several times that there was no money in the budget to pay me and generally made me feel uncomfortable about accepting my maternity leave money. She also tried to convince me to take my maternity leave before my contract expired so that less money would be taken from the budget overall. The clinical lead of my department basically stopped speaking to me after I wrote to her telling her that I was pregnant. We worked very closely before my pregnancy was revealed.

I am now 1 year after my baby was born and without a job. As a professional person (I have an MSc), I find this demoralising and upsetting. I have found the ‘loss of self’ that comes with a baby especially difficult as I have lost my job which was a very big part of who I was before I became pregnant.