This is the second time I have been discriminated against while pregnant

I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant with my second baby. During the first 16 weeks I was diagnosed with hyperemiss grevardrum (severe morning sickness causing me to vomit all day every day) I was signed off by my gp for a total of 4 weeks. I returned to work at 16 weeks pregnant to be dragged into the office on my first day back and given a formal investigation as to why I firstly never apparently kept in touch with them whilst I was off. They adjourned the meeting and then called me back in on my next shift to restart the investigation now accusing me that my sick certificates never got to them in time and that apparently I never turned up for my shift. Both my sick certificates covered me the whole time I was off and they still had them on my file, but yet they still took the investigation through a disciplinary procedure.

I had a disciplinary meeting and took a union rep with me, the adjourned the disciplinary meeting again as they felt they needed to gather more evidence against me such as checking CCTV!

Since this the stress has just been to much I’m now in the waiting list for receiving counselling and have been signed off again but this time for depression in pregnancy- which in turn they have caused!

This is the second time I have been discriminated against whilst pregnant here