Unfortunately, between submitting my application and receiving my interview date I fell pregnant

After working in the same position for 7 years I was desperate to progress and move up the career ladder. Finally an opportunity presented itself so I went for it, submitted an application form and got invited to interview. The unfortunate thing was, in between submitting my application and receiving my interview date I fell pregnant. As the interview date loomed I reached 6 weeks and the morning sickness kicked in. I had no choice but to withdraw from the interview as I was too unwell to attend. I thought it best to be honest and explain my situation to the recruiting manager – I wish I hadn’t. Whilst she was ‘very understanding’ and offered to postpone my interview by a week I believe the reason I didn’t get the job was because they knew I was pregnant. After successfully attending the interview I was notified that I had been unsuccessful in securing the post, the reason being that whilst I had answered the questions fully and adequately, my responses were unorganised and I tended to go off on a tangent. Maybe I’m being too sensitive but that is the worst reason I have ever been given for not performing well in an interview.

Of course there’s nothing I can do because I can’t prove the recruiting manager discriminated against me but what adds to my anger is the fact that the recruiting manager told the other interviewer about my pregnancy even though I specifically asked her not to tell anyone.