Working with some of our awesome team from Pregnant Then Screwed and our sister project – the Young Mums Collective – we made some videos that should hopefully help you navigate the mirky world of pregnancy and maternity discrimination. In them, the two lady-Ronnies (AKA Helen from Lifebulb and Danielle from Gorvins solicitors) discuss flexible working, shared parental leave and your basic workplace rights when you are pregnant, on maternity leave or when you return from maternity leave. These videos won’t give you all the answers, as each case is very different, but they are a great start! For further information, don’t forget to contact our free legal advice line on: 0161 930 5300

Lady-Ronnies – Take 1)
Your workplace rights when pregnant, on maternity leave or when returning after maternity leave

Lady-Ronnies – Take 2)
Flexible working and shared parental leave

Lady-Ronnies – Take 3)
Holiday entitlement and holiday pay, Keeping in Touch Days, Changes to your role when you return, Redundancies, the 3 month time limit, costs of pursuing a claim and what happens if your employer puts you on a performance improvement plan