When I adopted a child my boss didn’t think I should have any time off as I hadn’t been pregnant

I was a very senior manager, when 5yrs ago I told my CEO I was adopting a child. My boss didn’t think I’d need any time off – as I hadn’t been pregnant! When I asked for 3 months adoption leave on full pay (this was a bit of a cheek as our policy is only SMP but I’m very good at what I do, had over 10 years service, no sickness in living memory and was still prepared to pick up email daily and deal with ’emergencies’!) he told me I couldn’t have 3 months off. So when we reconvened I told him I’d take the legal allowance of a year on SMP. He relented. I took my 3 months, answering emails everyday, going to the office for a couple of hours a week!

I’m lucky, I’m still with the same employer, but I work hard now to ensure we offer a much improved deal to our mums and dads.