When I voiced my concerns I was told I would probably be going off on maternity leave soon anyway.

I work for a well know retailers head office, and am due to return to work next month. I was originally told I would be able to return to my role working 4 days a week, but then had this retracted.

After weeks and weeks of negotiations, I am now returning to do a different job, with additional responsibilities such as managing a team, but will get not additional financial reward for this. Had I not gone on maternity leave I would have received a pay rise to do this role…as it is I will get nothing.

The new role is only maternity cover, so when I voiced my concerns that I would have to find a new role in 12 months, I was told I’d “probably be tag teaming with the person off anyway and be going off on mat leave again soon”

Incidentally the role I left was offered to my maternity cover before a new role was even found for me.