Whilst I was away they started a witch hunt

Up until I informed my employers that I was 3 months pregnant I was perceived by them as very successful in my role. Just 1 week later I was being shouted out by one of the partners because I had not climbed on a swivel (with wheels!) to clear the clutter, that incidentally they had made, from the top of 2m high cupboards. This became a frequent occurrence… being shouted at. Just 2 months after telling them I was pregnant I took a weeks holiday. Whilst I was away they started a witch hunt. There wasn’t really anything that they had on me but that didn’t stop them from creating performance issues. For example, they tried to discipline me for not conducting an appraisal for a team member. The records clearly showed that the appraisal wasn’t due for a further 2 months. They made further claims that I had not completed inductions for staff but I the documentation to prove it. It all became very stressful and looking back a bit bizarre. After that I took my maternity leave early. The stress had taken its toll on my health and I was suffering from work related stress and SPD. I am due to go back in a few weeks but even though I am feeling much better I do not think I can forgive them for making, what is supposed be one of the happiest periods of a woman’s live, so unbearable.