You had a baby so you brought this on yourself

I left for maternity November 2014 , I always received nasty (but what they thought funny) comments even when I was there. I suffered spd and I have a very soft and short cervix which caused me to bleed all through my pregnancy. I work in a factory/shop so hard manual lifting was stopped immediately, the nasty comments ensued – I was being “lazy” I was “making it up” etc. Once I left it continued, baby shower – nobody arrived, baby was born – no well wishes let alone a card, my place work Xmas meal was cancelled – “I probably didn’t want to go” . All contact I made was ignored. Then it’s all come to a blow in the last few weeks, I’ve not been contacted for work meetings or work outings and tonight it’s a works night out and the reason I wasn’t invited “you had a baby so you brought this on yourself” I’m utterly appalled, shamed and upset that so called friends can treat people like this