Our new online programme for employers and employees will facilitate a smooth transition back to the workplace after a period of maternity or paternity leave.  

After 7 years of working with parents who have left their careers because their employer failed to effectively manage their return to work after maternity or parental leave, we have developed a unique online programme to ensure you not only retain your parent employees, but you make their experience the best it can possibly be.

The online modules in our ‘Ready to Return’ course are a powerful solution to the challenges parents and their employer’s face during the parental leave process. The course builds understanding between employer and employee by matching any activity a parent undertakes with an equivalent module for their line manager. The sessions have been designed to encourage discussion and fresh thinking. 

We’ll guide you through from the foundations of helping curate a great return to work with topics such as defining success and crafting a re-induction plan to boundary setting. We’ll help you to manage burnout and expectations, as well as dismantling guilt and a fresh look at work / life integration.

We also know firsthand the potential that strengths based conversations and development can have for both an individual and a business, so we’ll take you through what this means and get really practical for rolling this approach out within your teams.

The course has been designed in collaboration with an expert consultant, Charlotte Speak who is the founder and CEO of Power Of The Parent. It is hosted on the interactive Thinkific platform, this means that each employee can complete their modules at a time that is most convenient to them.

Costs are based on annual subscription to the course, which can be accessed by up to 5 employees and their employer.

Charity cost: £1,200

Corporate cost: £2,000 

For further information about this course please contact [email protected]


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