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A statement on the childcare announcements expected in the Spring Budget

The expansion of the ‘free’ childcare offer would be welcomed by parents but it must include significant supply side financial investment otherwise it will fail.

Commenting, Joeli Brearley, CEO of Pregnant Then Screwed said:

“We are pleased to hear the Government is taking the childcare crisis seriously – but the devil is in the detail. Simply expanding ‘free hours’ is not the solution. The Early Years sector is in such a mess that if you increase demand without increasing supply, it will fall over.

The 30 hours ‘free’ scheme does not currently work for providers as it is knowingly underfunded by the Government. Providers must make up this shortfall by charging more for younger children. Extending this entitlement would mean providers are unable to cross subsidise, leaving them with no choice but to close.

Any credible plan to fix our childcare system must include significant supply side financial investment otherwise it will fail. Childcare is not babysitting, it is imperative that quality of provision is central to this strategy and that means providers being able to pay childcare professionals a decent salary for the very valuable job they do.”




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Press Releases and Research

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