At Pregnant Then Screwed (PTS), we all have a responsibility to ensure that the women who come to us for help can trust us. This means that the information we hold as a result of providing assistance to these women must be kept confidential. If you ever become aware of a data breach, or if you are concerned about the risk of a breach, please contact [email protected]

Your role as a volunteer will mean that you will have a degree of contact with data and as such, we ask that you acknowledge that you understand your responsibilities towards safe data management and confidentiality. We take breaches of data and confidentiality extremely seriously. Any such breaches may result in the termination of your volunteering agreement. We are also required by law to report any data breaches to the ICO, and depending on the nature of the breach, the ICO has the authority to issue fines to individuals as well as to Pregnant Then Screwed as an organisation.

You may come into contact with data in written or digital formats, so it is worth remembering that this agreement to handle data securely and confidentially extends to all of your dealings in your role. Details of the women who we help should never be discussed outside of the organisation, by anyone working or volunteering on behalf of PTS in such a manner that it would be possible to identify the woman. 

This also applies to data about Pregnant Then Screwed, our internal operations and data about or originating from other organisations we work with. The only exceptions to this are where PTS has permission (verbal or written) or where someone is at immediate and significant risk – but even in these cases (unless an immediate 999 call needed, which is very unlikely), you should check first and not make that decision on your own.


Additionally, we ask that you never use your access to our data or your access to our community to sell services or promote anything commercial.


If you become aware of a conflict of interest between your own paid work or other interests and your involvement with PTS, we ask that you make this known to the Operations Manager immediately.



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