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A pre-budget statement from the founder and CEO of Pregnant Then Screwed, Joeli Brearley

“After 8 years of hard campaigning we are really pleased to hear rumours of significant investment in the childcare sector and the recognition that investing in childcare is good for the economy. However the CBI estimates that to do what the government is planning costs £8.9 billion not £4 billion, so we need to see the detail as to how this money is being distributed.

Reports have suggested that they will also give £288 million to make up the shortfall for the current free hours entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds – that’s not enough.

It will not make up that shortfall and we are concerned that the quality of early years education will deteriorate, that more providers will close and more childcare professionals will leave the sector. It is great that we will have these new free hours but it won’t work if parents can’t secure a place.

We’re also concerned about increased ratios, there’s no evidence that it will reduce costs, but there is evidence that it will reduce quality and of course the first 5 years of a child’s life are foundational to their future and so we will pay for this further down the line.”

-Joeli Brearley, founder and CEO of Pregnant Then Screwed


10am, 15th of March 2023

Press Releases and Research

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