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After maternity leave my employer made my life a living hell and then they fired me

I loved my job and my team. After coming back from mat leave, a new colleague would not stop making my life a living hell, to the point that I lost my self esteem and my confidence. I spoke to my boss who ignored me and in fact made me scared about losing my job. After 9 months and losing my second child, my doctor recommended I try to resolve this situation as it was giving me a lot of stress. I was sent through an HR investigation where my childcare issues become at the forefront of the discussions and it was suggested that I myself needed feedback. Not only was I going through a lot of stress, but I was also vulnerable. It was like pushing someone off a cliff. After months of backs and forths and then making me feel I was the problem, I got fired because they “didn’t know how to handle”.

Maternity is used against you in the workplace.


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