This Mum Votes Pledge

We are asking all parliamentarians, and those selected to stand in the next election, to pledge their support to ending the motherhood penalty.


Mothers and children are being held back by outdated legislation that reduces their earning potential and ensures they do the majority of the unpaid care work and domestic labour. We know that access to affordable, good quality childcare; ring-fenced properly paid parental leave; and flexible working are critical to unlocking women’s economic empowerment. Ask your MP to sign the pledge to demonstrate their commitment  to gender equality.

Sign our pledge

I commit to advancing 3 key policies in Parliament:

1) Affordable, good quality childcare

2) Ring-fenced and properly paid parental leave

3) All jobs to be advertised as flexible, unless there is a valid reason not to


We are therefore calling on all MPs, and those who are standing for election, to pledge their commitment to advancing these 3 campaigns in Parliament: 

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