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At 5 months pregnant I was made redundant without any warning

Back in 2003, I was pregnant with my first baby and living and working in London. I unwittingly moved borough during pregnancy which later down the line meant that I was not able to access financial support from my council.

When I was 5 months pregnant I was called into my bosses office without any warning and told I was redundant. It was shocking and very obviously because I was pregnant. The company I worked for rarely employed females.

My husband (then boyfriend) had a lawyer who worked in his neighbouring office. I took some advice and eventually signed an NDA and got about enough money from the company to pay my rent until the end of my pregnancy. I was officially screwed!!!

Finding myself without employment and money to support myself I started a few businesses working at home….with some significant success. 3 daughters and 18 years later – I am studying for a degree as a mature student – for many reasons….. but not least because re-entry to the workplace without traditional experience or skills is nearly impossible. Unless I want to wait tables on minimum wage.


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