Protestor holding a sign that says 'Women need work that works'

Pregnant Then Screwed and Best Beginnings secure funding from the Government to create better pregnancy loss and fertility treatment support in the workplace

Over the last 7 years we’ve heard all your stories of the absolute đź’© you’ve had to endure because you desperately wanted a baby, or because you lost your baby; and it’s not okay. It’s inhumane.

Alongside the glorious Best Beginnings we’ve been granted funding from the Government to help employers be better at supporting their employees with pregnancy loss and fertility treatment. When  Pregnant Then Screwed first started, being trusted by the Department for Health and Social Care to undertake this vital work felt a million miles away!

Until now, we’ve only been able to give you legal advice and mental health support, but now we have the chance to change things at the source. Not only will we be training workplaces, but we will be accrediting them so you know who to trust, who will look after you when the going gets tough.

We cannot wait to get started!

Read the evaluation brief on our partnership here!

This project is funded by DHSC


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