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We need you to fill out our State of the Nation survey

This is BIG. If ever there was a time to really make a stink, then 2023 is it. Next year is a general election and right now those besuited Westminster types are figuring out what to put in their manifesto. We need to make absolutely sure that top of their list is: childcare, parental leave, flexible working and legislation that will reduce pregnancy and maternity discrimination.


Unless we make a noise so thunderous it echoes down the Parliamentary corridors, we will be swept under the carpet, AGAIN; and will have to wait another 5 years before we have the chance for another quid pro quo – give us what we want and we will give you our vote. So, this is what I need you to do:

📝 Please fill in our State of the Nation Survey.

Data is power. Data gets press attention. Data is what our Parliamentary allies will use to push for the changes we need. This is a slightly larger survey than usual because we have to cover quite a bit of ground to make sure we have all the ammunition we need. I Can’t say this enough – IF YOU WANT CHANGE THEN NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.

If you want your voice heard, then you need to fill in this survey. All the data will be cleansed, and weighted by our wonderful pals – Women in Data ®️– who have also helped us design this survey so it is properly robust and no-one can argue with the credibility and reliability of the data we publish.

Please share with everyone you have ever met – including men (!) We need men to fill this in too! We need 20,000 responses. Every single one counts. I guarantee that the 10 minutes it takes to fill this in will be worth every second – this data will influence change and don’t we all need that?! Go, go, go!!!

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