She dragged me in office to tell me she was laying me off for 6 weeks as no work.

Once I told my line manager I was pregnant she was quite happy to have me working normal hours until Easter half term (usually always on lower hours during holidays but usually job share with another member of staff working out at about 20-25hours each). At Easter I got 11 hours and the other girl got 38, when I queried it the manager tried to even it out giving other staff member a day off. My boss shouted across room at me saying “you can’t do that, she’s not pregnant she can do things you can’t”. I ended up at the doctors with stress and contacting citizens advice about discrimination but didn’t follow through with it was too stressful. When we were back on normal working hours (after Easter) my boss called me into the office saying she had been in contact with her legal team and she had to reduce my hours for the first 12 weeks. Trying to claim I can’t do early or late because I can’t do the shutters, change nappies or clean. However, she was quite happy for me to do 7.30-6 five days a week plus extra and do all the above jobs before. And has let other staff do it. Don’t know what she thinks I do at home.

Anyway I’m nearly 23 weeks now my hours have never gone back up.

She also decided I had to work in pre-school with older children taking me away from my group as it’s safer. Even though one of children in that room has anger issues and has previously kicked and punched me.

For 2 years I’ve been asking for a bell to the door in our room as due to the shape you can’t see the door. Parents drop their children off without telling us, and collect them without telling us. You get the odd child who leaves the room to go bathroom etc on their own. In June one of our children got out and went upstairs, whilst another member of staff was looking for him the cook came downstairs with him, she had found him at top of stairs. She did her “investigation” decided it was my fault and gave me a final written warning last week. I believe it is her fault for not listening and doing anything about our complaints regarding the door. There were four members of staff in the room and she did nothing to any of them. I’ve never had any sort of disciplinary before so shouldn’t have had a final warning even if I was at fault. When I spoke about it later she basically said, there was a visitor so she had to be seen to do something in case ofsted came in. I was going to appeal it but didn’t have time with trying to sort girls party, did paper work etc for work.

I booked most my holidays (runs July-June) during school holidays, before finishing in November. she wouldn’t let me have 1st week in September off but granted all the others. So I decided to go on early maternity (31st Aug) and use the rest of holidays if booked when I go back in June.

I’m on holiday tomorrow, I finished work at 3pm. At 2.55 today she dragged me in office to tell me she was laying me off for 6 weeks as no work.


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