Flexible working campaign update

Thank you all so much for replying to the Government’s consultation on flexible working! The response was overwhelming and helps us push push PUSH our goal of making flexible working the default.

The Government’s proposed plan to give people a day one right to request flexible working is none-sense!

Data from the recent Trades Union Congress survey you completed.

-More than half of you who have requested flexible working had that request rejected!!

-A ridiculous 86% of you have experienced discrimination because you work flexibly.

-42% said that you were too scared to ask for flexible working as you were worried about your employers reaction.

We need a better solution than a right to request because a right to request, is a right to reject. We need employers to advertise all jobs as flexible, unless they have a good reason not to. That way, you don’t have to ask! That way jobs will be designed as flexible from the outset! That’s how you make flexible working the default for all employees. That’s how you change the culture.

We don’t want you to go with your begging bowl to your employer when you’ve just started a new job, pleading for the flexibility you need to work. There’s a power dynamic there that simply does not work. It ensures flexible working is only given as a special treat to those who asked right. It means that the majority of those who ask for flexibility face discrimination.


We are still working alongside the Trades Union Congress to be prepared for the response from the Government (when they finally get through all the responses) and do whatever lese we can to make this happen!


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