Where to find political manifestos

Trying to hunt down the key promises from each political party can be tricky so we’ve gathered up links directly to the manifestos of each major party for the 2024 Westminster elections below. Where possible we have linked directly to pages that offer a variety of accessible viewing options for manifestos.

The Conservative Party
The Democratic Unionist Party
The Green Party
The Labour Party
The Liberal Democrat Party
The Reform Party
The Scottish National Party
Sinn Féin
Plaid Cymru Party of Wales 
Workers Party


This information is correct as of the 2nd of July. Party manifestos may be tweaked during an election period. Please click on party names above to visit the manifesto pages on their websites.

Due to restrictions on what a charity can and cannot do in a pre election period, Pregnant Then Screwed presents the above links information wholly without comment. We encourage all members of the public to read each manifesto in full.


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