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Follow up with your MP on the Retained EU Law Bill!

Dissatisfied with the response from your MP on the Retained EU Law Bill? We’ve written a rebuttal for you! 

Almost 70 THOUSAND of you emailed your MP! Thank you so much, protecting our rights to holiday pay, health and safety protections when you’re up the duff, maternity and parental leave, equal pay, part time and fixed term workers rights, and a whole lot more is incredibly important, and you’re letting them know that we’re not sleeping on this!

If you’ve gotten a less than supportive reply, please email them again with this response ➡️

Please don’t be disheartened if you’re MP is being less than agreeable, them seeing that their constituents are watching them and care about the outcome of this bill is STILL important! We ARE making moves, keep an eye out on our socials, we’ll keep you updated 💟

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