I felt depressed going to work and that I was being treated so unfairly due to being pregnant

Hi I watched a programme on ITV about being treated differently whilst pregnant and came across this site. I left my job as a care assistant for another company to move somewhere more local because I wasn’t happy there. My partner and I had just been accepted for a mortgage and luckily I found a new job ASAP. In that time, I found out I was pregnant but wouldn’t dare tell my manager as I had just started the job. Sadly a few weeks later I lost my baby – when I went for the scan there was no heartbeat, we were devastated. I didn’t dare tell my employer and had to go to work the following day. Back in 2015 I fell pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful little girl who is our world and more. I worked as a care assistant doing twelve hour shifts and night shifts. When I told my employer that I was pregnant no risk assessments were carried out even though I asked my manager to do one! All I got from the staff were ‘you are lazy’ and ‘you should go on the sick’. I felt depressed going to work and that I was being treated so unfairly due to being pregnant. No one knew of my past regarding my miscarriage but why should they know about that.

Something needs to be done. It’s hurtful and nasty. I needed to go to work to pay for our bills etc but it was very hard for me, I had no help. I did stick it till my maternity started but believe me it was hard. I am currently looking for a new job role altogether as I don’t want to go back. I feel a relief to get this off my chest. Thank you X


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