I needed time off work for IVF appointments

I had been working as a teaching for seven years at the same school. I had a brilliant, virtually clean absence record but then needed time off work for IVF appointments. It became clear that the school was unsupportive. I finally conceived on my second round of treatment. When I returned to work another woman had been employed on a fixed-term contract and had essentially already been promised my job once the time had elapsed when my job was protected on my return from maternity.

My boss asked me to do an increased amount of added extras – such as marking other department members’ work. When I said I would need the money for childcare to come in and complete the work then I began to receive harassment. He made comments on my appearance in front of the class and essentially threatened me into resigning – even booking my HR appointment to resign.

I went onto sick leave and my union negotiated a reference but I will still have to declare my absences on an OH report for future employers…which makes me seem like an unreliable employee.


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